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Wednesday, May 8th at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL

Eligible purchasers of Trump Digital Trading Cards MugShot Edition can burn their "Dinner NFT" here to RSVP for the dinner. Click the button below to start the redemption process!

Who is eligible to attend the Trump Digital Trading Cards Gala Dinner with President Trump?
Can you provide the date and location of the Gala Dinner?
How do I RSVP for the dinner?
How long does it take to 'burn' my Dinner NFT?
I made the qualifying purchase of Trump Digital Trading Cards, but cannot attend. Can I send someone else in my place?
I only have 1 Dinner NFT. Can I bring someone with me to the dinner?
What if I RSVP for the dinner, but can no longer attend?
What is the schedule for the event, and when should guests plan to arrive?
What attire is expected of guests at the Gala Dinner?
What are the smoking restrictions at The Mar-a-Lago Club during the event?
Which airport is recommended for guests traveling to the event?
I am planning on driving or taking an Uber/Lyft to the Gala Dinner. Where should I book?
What is the detailed check-in and security process for the Gala Dinner?
What items are guests prohibited from bringing to The Mar-a-Lago Club during the Gala Dinner?
Can you explain the electronics and photography policy during the Gala Dinner?
What additional instructions and arrangements are in place for the Pre-Gala Cocktail Reception with The President?
What provisions are there for special dietary requests like kosher and vegan options?
What is the end time for the Gala Dinner?
When do I receive my physical items for attending the dinner?